The art of creating topics and content for your blog

Running out of ideas to write is very common among bloggers. It is not because you have covered all the topics and already written everything. It is just because you are experiencing a temporally blockage in your brain from producing ideas to write. Remember that there is always something to write about and you can never run out of things to blog. A same topic can be written again and again because things changes over time. The same topic that you talk about today will be different tomorrow. If you are able to discover the differences, a slight change makes it a whole new topic to blog about. This is why one of the best ways to think about ideas or topics to write is to read through the blog posts that you have written long ago.

While doing so, you might also discover areas or portions of topic that you can further elaborate. Especially if you are used to write short blog post with length about 500 words, a lot of points tend to be short and brief. This makes it easier to extract the points and start a new topic specifically.

The inspiration of creating topics and content to write can be found easily if you practice a curiosity mind. Instead of forcing yourself trying to think about ideas or content that are related to the topic of your blog, it is best to just do something different. Having a conversation with your friend, watching a movie, reading a book, take a walk on the park or even having a cup of coffee can sparks inspiration and discover topics that you can blog about. When that happens, remember to write it down immediately. If you are too far away from your laptop, note it down on a piece of paper. Inspiration always appears in an unexpected moment and can be easily forget in second if you are not paying attention. So it is up to you to capture that particular moment and the topics that you can blog.

P/S: Blog should be fun, relax and interesting to read. Don’t make it sounds like a school text book.



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