The art of blogging

Blogging is an art. As long as there are people who love your creation and product, you might become famous and make a lot of money. Although it might seem that words and articles are the main ingredients for your creation, it actually doesn’t restrict bloggers from using pictures, videos and audios. Bloggers who have some programming skills can also apply simple programs into their blog. Whatever that you have in mind for your blog. It is applicable as long as it is able to attract readers or traffic. Feel free to create your own version of blog by using words, videos, pictures, audios and programs. Good news about this is that it doesn’t require a lot of money to become a blogger. If you think about it carefully, there are a lot of similarities between a blogger and an artist. Funny thing is that they are all very poor before they become famous and rich. Some took a long time before they become successful. A lot of them quiet half way and decided to pursuit other profession. So are you interested in becoming an artist or a blogger?



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