Taking the right suitable steps is a big deal for small business

When it comes to making decisions or taking actions for your small business, every small little thing are crucial and actually matter. If you pay attention closely, you will notice that a slight difference can really determine success or failure. This includes choosing the right color for your business or the size of your business logo.

Lately I got a question from a florist about the left over extra flowers that she was unable to sell out. She decided to make a full use of the flowers instead of throwing it way or destroying it just like that. There are two options that she can go for. First is to sell those flowers in a cheap lower price when it starts to look old. Second is making it as an extra free gift for customers who purchase anything from her florist. The first idea is similar to Japanese sushi shop which starts to sell their food at a lower price after 9pm at night. Which suggestion or idea is better for the florist shop?

In my opinion, it is better to go for the 2nd idea by making it as free gifts for customers who made any purchase. This idea encourages normal purchase. As for the 1st idea, some people might wait until the discount period to make purchase. It is not a positive way for business. At the end of the day your goal is to push sales and reduce left overs. The best scenario is not having any left overs every day. In other words, this is just a temporary event to clear out the left overs.



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