Taking a Break or Continue Searching for Money Making Opportunities

It’s 4th of July and it’s public holiday. I suppose almost everybody in the state is taking a break in this holiday. As for bloggers like us, holidays don’t really affect our daily activities. For full time bloggers, there is no holidays unless we say so ourselves. But right now I am thinking of whether or not to take a break. I suppose this is up to us to decide. One thing for sure, the more we blog or put on our efforts, the closer we are to success. But still continue blogging day after day without taking a break is not a good idea. No matter what we do, we need rest so that we can carry on longer and move further. Besides we cannot produce good quality post if we are tired. Consider rest as part of our life that cannot be excluded no matter what we do, especially in the pursuit of money making opportunities.

Lately I saw an article at Yahoo Finance title 5 Common Habits That Cost You Dearly. According to the article, below are 5 of the common habits that make money flow away from our pocket.

  • Paying only for the minimum amount of credit card balance
  • Buying brand new car
  • Smoking
  • Keeping a drafty attic
  • Ignoring student debt

In this blog I talk about money making opportunities and ways to make money online. That’s creating more than just a single source of income. Generally that’s the way to make more money. But the fact is, if we are unable to manage the money wisely and keep the money in our pocket, we might just been wasting our time and efforts. Yes, we need to learn how to create several source of income and at the other end prevent the income from flowing away. The 5 points mention above in the article actually makes sense. I think most of us experience the first point, which is paying the minimum amount of credit card balance. Stretching the payment for years can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars just for the high interest charges only. If we are able to pay it off once, then just do it. Second thing is getting a brand new car. I personally think car is just a transport only. If you need a car to work, then get one. If you just need a car to drive to work, then a used car is good enough. If you often drive around because of the nature of your work, then get a better used car or a new car. Purchase the car depending on the need of the nature of your job. If you buy the car or change a new car without necessary, you’ll lose thousands of dollars a year. Third is smoking. Well, we all know smoking is bad for your health but still people continue to smoke. Imagine how much you’ll save if you quit smoking. If you do the math by the amount of cigarettes you light, you can save at least $2000 or more per year. Not to mention you can live a healthy life without smoking.

I suppose the 3 points that I further discuss above happens not just in US but countries around the world. There are still lots of areas that we can pin point to save money. Generally if we are able to control and manage the 3 points above, we already save up lots of money. Lets’ just start from the 3 points above before we continue further. There is no reason to talk about other money saving issues if we cannot take on the 3 simple points above. No doubt we cannot be too careful in the money we spend while in search of money making opportunities, but still spending unnecessary is just a waste. Besides did I mention that lots of millionaires are actually expert in saving money rather than making money? You’ll be surprise that lots of millionaires are actually spending less than most of us.

P/S: Happy 4th of July. I hope everybody found their money making opportunities within.



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2 Responses to “Taking a Break or Continue Searching for Money Making Opportunities”

  1. Jenna says:

    Happy 4th of July everybody! I also read the report from Yahoo Finance. I believe this is 100% fact, managing money wisely is the key when the market is depressed.

  2. Dubrovnik Villas and Holiday Resort says:

    Good for you! I was having trouble taking weekends to myself for a while, and burned out pretty quickly.
    I’ve learned that I’m way more productive and happy when I take some time for myself!
    As a fellow Canadian, I hope you managed to enjoy at least some of Monday!