Take a Break in order to continue pursuing for Money Making Opportunities Online

Sometimes I felt like taking a long break from blogging. Sometimes I just don’t feel like switch on my computer or even think about money making opportunities online. I don’t hate it but sometimes I just don’t feel like doing it. Once in a while this feeling hits me with no reason at all. When this happens, I usually leave my laptop in my room, get in my car and just drive off away from my house. I suppose that is the best thing to do because even if I keep on blogging, I usually end up writing crappy content. And sometimes I just stare at the monitor with my finger frozen.

Thus it is best to just stop blogging and go for a walk outside. It is understood that bloggers should spend more time outside because most of the time we just sit down and type. For the sake of our health, we should spend more time outside and doing exercise. But sometimes we just cannot help ourselves. When we start focus on blogging, we usually forgot about time and food. And most of the time, all our work and research need to be perform online and using a computer. Thus it is easy to get carry away sometimes.

So when we feel like taking a break from blogging, just do it. In fact it might just help to gather inspiration by taking a walk outside. Especially if you are pursuing for money making opportunities online or blogging about small businesses, you have the chance to see things directly from a customer’s point of view instead of just reading others opinion online. Yup, when I’m taking a walk outside, I usually go window shopping, taking my meals in restaurants and driving around the streets. I see people buying stuff, selling products, providing services and so on. And this triggers me to think about the quality of the products, the method services are sold, the business location, the type of customers in the area, the price of the products, the responds of customers, the promotion strategy and many more. In other words, these are all the questions which I usually ask when I’m pursuing for money making opportunities online. It seems like it has become a habit and I kind of enjoying it. And thanks to this habit of mine, it helps me to think out of the box and expand my views locally. There are lots of details we might not be aware of if we don’t hit the streets. I suppose we can’t just blogging about business related topic by locking ourselves in the room.

Taking a break from blogging is always a good idea. It won’t slow down the progress. In fact it will help push our thoughts into a higher level and help produce better content.



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