Take a break from money making opportunities online and challenge Google search caption

It is almost the end of year 2011. It is time to take a break from our long, nonstop and never ending pursuit of money making opportunities online. It is a long journey and we should take sufficient rest in order to continue on. Check out the blog post title “Test your creativity with our search caption challenge” from Google Inside Search. You can take part or participate in Google search caption challenge by filling your name and caption. There are lots of cartoon graphics available to test your imagination. Try to come out with the best ideas or captions. The most popular caption will rise to the top. You can share your captions with your friends using the given unique link. You can even try to get lots of thumbs up and try to make it to the top. Although this is nothing to do with SEO or backlinks farming, a display of your name is good enough. Perhaps people might just Google your name and find your blog or website. As this is just for fun and humor, feel free to play around with it.



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