Take a break from blogging?

If you are a blogger, you probably have the experience of having a hard time coming out with a blog post. That is the time when you really feel like taking a long break from blogging. Usually you will just freeze in front of your monitor without having the urge to type anything. If you are currently having similar episode, you probably might need a break from blogging.

Do we actually need a break from blogging once in a while? Maybe not, I think sometimes we are just not in the mood in writing or blogging. It is the same when you are having the same meals over and over again at the same place. Eventually you will feel bored and hope to have something different. This goes the same with blogging. You probably are running out of ideas or topics to write. Struggling to generate a blog post might be the sign of it. Instead of taking a break from blogging, it will be best to go in search of topics and ideas to blog. You can probably call it an input session or recharging period. It is best to have such activities away from your usual blogging area. An event forum or field trip which related to your blog topic will be best. Having a conversation or gathering with people who have similar interest is also a good idea. Your brain and mood will be refreshing as long as you are doing something different and able to learn something new.

This way you can continue to enjoy blogging and continue to generate content for your blog. Remember that there will always be topics and content to blog about as long as we continue to learn and have fun.



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