Sunday might just be the best day to blog

When it comes to blogging, Sunday is the best day for me to create content of my blog. The reason is simple. I have a lot more time day dreaming and enjoying my morning coffee for hours without getting much disturbance. It is not just me but everything around becomes quiet on Sunday. Probably because everybody is resting and taking the day off on Sunday. During the weekdays when the whole world is working, you tend to get a lot of disturbance or activities engagement. Postal services and delivery services will knock on your door. You might get a lot of phone calls from Credit Cards Company or any other companies which are related to your daily activities, work or business. Cars and people around your neighborhood will be moving around more often due to work. Everything mention above can be annoying and distraction if you are trying to blog. Usually I just put on my headphones and try to focus while enjoying my favorite music. Unfortunately there are some occasions which you have to stop blogging temporary just to answer the phone calls and check out those knocking on your door.

So Sunday tend to be my favorite day to blog as I can focus on creating content without much disturbance. If you are going through same situation as I am, perhaps you can try to create more content on Sunday when you are more focus and concentrate. Sometimes I am able to create 3~4 blog post on Sunday depending on my mood and condition. This helps to cover up the workload required on weekday when I am busy attending on other important matters which is not related to blogging. Remember that we all have a life and sometimes we have to stop everything on hands and work on some other important matters which might affect our life.



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