Stay productive when you are tired?

Although it is advice to rest when you are tired, sometimes we just don’t have the luxury to do so. Especially when you are rushing to complete your work within instructed limited time, you just can’t stop until you finish the job. So how to stay productive and complete your work when you are tired? Check out the infographic below for tips to stay productive when you are tired. Try not to do this often because it is not healthy to over work and stress yourself. You may stay productive using the given tips suggested, but you may not produce the best work quality. It is best to just rest well and work when you are in best shape condition. If you are not careful, you might fall sick and end up on bed for several days.

Try not to get carry away when you are trying the suggested tips to stay productive. If you feel that some of the suggested tips are not working, stop and move on to the next tip. Depending on the extended hours you need to work and stay productive, two or three workable tips are just enough to get you through the day.



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