Start preparing your business to run properly without you

If your business relies on your existence to function properly, you should start worry and imagine if your business can survive without you for a week. When we start to build our business at the beginning, we tend to think that we can handle everything by ourselves and do all the work from head to toe. Well, most entrepreneurs are like superman at the beginning. They build their online empire mostly by themselves. But at some point they need to hire people and start delegate work. The first reason is because of the increase work load which is impossible to handle by just a person. The second reason is they need to consider the possibility of their absent in work due to emergency or illness.

The second reason can be crucial because depending on the nature of the business, a long period of absent in work might cause a business to shut down for good. You might lose a business that you have been working hard for years due to several days of absent in work. Especially if it is a kind of work that only you can do and nobody else can replace, the business will just die off period. Thus it is very important to automate your business, or at least partly automate. The important thing is to make sure that your business can function or survive without you handling it for several days. That is why it is important to have a person who is familiar with your work or shall we call it a second in command to look after your business. At least you can instruct the person to handle things during your absentees.

Most entrepreneurs did not realize this problem until they fall sick or facing an emergency which prevent them from continue they work online. Some of them suffer great lost which causes them to start all over again. That is if they still have the energy, time and passion to try again. It is a lesson learned with great price to pay. And it all requires a simple awareness to avoid.



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