Start making money first before you start worrying about anything else

Whenever I get into conversation related to money making opportunities with my friends, most of the topics discuss were actually not related to money making opportunities. Well, at the beginning it was about what’s the best way to make money lately. But as soon as the conversation or discussion starts, the topics tend to go down the direction of “worry”. Questions like “Don’t know how to manage the money transaction” or “Might not have the time or energy to run the business” often arises. It felt like they were only interested in talking about money making opportunities but never had the intention to do it. It was excited at the beginning as some of us discovered various ways to make money that we never think about it before. But as soon as we talk about the problems and difficulties ahead, the mood kind of swing to opposite side instantly.

I suppose many of you experience similar conversation before with your friends. Many people went back home right after the conversation and never think about it again. Nothing changes as many people go back to their normal daily life and go to work as usual. Some, who decided to make use of the ideas discussed in the conversation, make some changes in their life. They decided to give it a try. They decided to test out the money making opportunities discussed. They knew the problems and difficulties but still decided to go ahead. There is a 50% chance of success and failure. Is it worth taking the risk? Well, if you are hoping to make a lot of money, you have to be able to take a certain amount of risk. As for all the problems and difficulties that you might be facing, you can deal with it one by one if you are able to make money successfully. You can start worry about it right after you start making money.



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