Star Wars is the main keyword to make money online for 2015 yearend sales

No doubt Star Wars is the main focus for 2015 yearend sales. I suppose it is not just the main keyword to make money online but also the main product to make money for offline businesses too. Anything that related with Star Wars will be big this Christmas. So what are the Star Wars related things that you can target to make money online?

The first thing that comes to my mind is the ticket to the movie Star Wars episode 7 Awakens. By now I think every website that sold tickets to the movie already receiving lots of traffic and making a lot of money online. I also received information that some ticket websites are inaccessible for some time due to a spike in traffic as people are rushing to purchase Star Wars episode 7 tickets. But if you are hoping to make some quick money, it is a bit too late to build a movie website and trying to sell tickets.

What else you can try to make use of Star Wars to make money online? Basically you can try selling Star Wars products like previous 6 episodes of DVD or blue-ray collection, action figure, video games and toys. The latest related online game is Star Wars Battlefront which you can try selling it online. But my guess is that you might not be able to make much money simply by just selling the above Star Wars product because many people around the world are doing the same thing. You probably need to come out with something original which is different. With a little bit of creativity it is best to design your own version of Star Wars related products.

Below are some of the ideas that I can come out with. If you are good at drawing, create your own style of art work or illustration of Star Wars episode 7. Make use of your own creation and turn it into calendar, poster, t-shirt, smartphone casing, notepad casing, mug, website themes, Twitter background, Facebook theme, mobile apps and other daily useful products. If you are good at programming, create your own Star Wars mobile game or flash game. If you are good at creating video clips, create your own version of Star Wars 7 and upload to YouTube. One of the examples that you can refer to is Lego Star Wars. But I suppose you can find lots of similar video clips related to Star Wars.

The possibility and opportunity to make money online is endless if you are able to put some effort into creativity. Just google around If you have no idea on how or what to start out with. I’m sure you find some interesting ideas online. You might be surprise to find that many people, especially Star Wars fans already created lots of side products and related stuff which we had never think of.



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