Sometimes we just do not feel like working

Today is the 1st of January 2017. I suppose many of you are still enjoying your holiday. Some might still be working as usual. The feeling of working on holiday can be a bit strange and uneasy. I think the best words are “don’t feel like working on the holidays”. Unfortunately some people including me have to work during the holiday festival seasons. So how do we make or push ourselves to work when we are not feeling like working?

First don’t start working just yet. Clean up your work place and organize the things you need to complete. Prioritize your tasks. Pick and play a song or music that might motivate you. While you are doing so, think about the rewards that you are going to give yourself when you are finish working today. Usually I’ll pick my favorite restaurant and have my favorite food. Once you are done, you can start working. Wait. Get yourself a nice cup of coffee before touching the keyboard.

Start with a simple easy task. This will give you a sense of work complete satisfactory and smooth process without any annoying feeling. Start slow but keep increasing your working speed when you are feeling good about it. If you are having trouble, leave it and come back later for it when you have completed your tasks of the day.

If you are still not in the mood of working, call a friend or anybody who is close to you. Have a nice short conversation just to change your mood. I’m sure he or she will feel that you need some motivation and encouragement.

Don’t force yourself too much if you really don’t feel like working. You won’t be doing a good job if you are not into the mood. Always prepare yourself first before starting your work. It is better to spend some time preparing yourselves so that you can finish your work in a short time efficiently.



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