Some Ways to Make Extra Money in 2011 from Yahoo Finance

It seems like having just a permanent full time job is not as secure as we think, especially in 2011 and the years to come. It will be wise to have at least one part time job or side income which you can work on when you have free time. I know that most companies do not allow employees to take on any part time job, but judging from the economic condition, it is necessary to have a backup plan. We have to consider the possibility that we might become unemployed suddenly due to company shut down unexpectedly. Depending only from the full time salary to survive is very dangerous. I think this couple of years many already learn the lesson experiencing them. Check out the post title “7 Ways to Make Extra Money in 2011” from Yahoo Finance. Some of the ways introduced can help to make extra cash when you needed. If fact it might help you get through the unemployed period when recession hits.

Launch a Brand

This is not easy but considerable if you have a passion and vision. It’s not a way for everybody but definitely can bring in lots of cash. Normally you have to love what you’re doing in order to create a brand. It takes lots of work, time and effort to actually create a brand accepted by people.

Start a Blog

This is a way which everybody can try easily with very low cost. How much you’re able to earn depends on how fast you’re able to learn and apply it on your blog. It’s more towards writing, explaining, sharing, motivating and inspiring kind of work. This is the path that I choose and I love it very much. It’s not just because of the money making opportunities but also the life style that I like.

Sell Your Skills

This is what we call selling services as a freelancer. It’s much easier if you’re selling services which related to your current working skill. You’ll learn to deal with things as a freelancer instead of just a simple employee. Once you’re able to create a market around yourself as a freelancer, you can easily make extra money when you needed.

Sell a Wacky Service

This is almost the same as being a freelancer but doesn’t require professional or specific skill. It’s more like selling your time to do simple regular work. Many people will pay others to complete their daily routine work so that they have time to focus on other important issues.

Talk and Teach

You’ll need to learn public speaking and have the confidence to speak up in front of the crowd. Although it seems like very easy as all you do is talk, but still getting the message across the hall successfully is not easy. Only when people are attracted to your speech, then you’ll start making money. No doubt you still need lots of practice and preparation.

Design T-shirts

There is lots of website which enable users to design and sell T-shirts for free. You just have to hang in on one particular website and work on it for a period of time until you accumulate a large amount of design. Success does not come over night. You still have to put in lots of effort, time and hard work to actually achieve it.

Sell Other People’s Products

This is not just for online but also offline sales. Either way you still have to be able to connect with lots of people in order to produce sales. Most people purchase your products because they trust you. So all you need to do is built your trust, either online or offline.

No matter which ways you choose to make extra money, you still have to put in effort, time and hard work. There is absolutely no overnight success miracle. Most people started out as a hobby and keeps up with the activities for several years before they actually see money. There are lots of money making opportunities available but none of them comes by easily.



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  1. Jenny says:

    I think the easiest way is to sell skills or services. There are many niche forums where you can offer that and find customers every single day.