Some of the things which you can help your local shop lots to increase their businesses

Walking down the streets always makes me thinking about how I can improve the business for the shop lot. Most of the businesses have been around for more than half of the century. They have been doing businesses longer than most of us. But still that doesn’t mean their businesses are good. Most of them are just relying on the busy crowds that walking by every day to sustain their earning. The business method is working but not really reliable and stable. Sometimes a bad weather can kill the business for the day.

When I’m on the streets taking a break from blogging, I always wonder what I can do for the shop lot right in front of me to improve their business. After so many years trying to make money online, there are a lot of rooms for my imagination to run wild. First I will create google my business account so that I can put the business on google map. This allows customers to find the business easier. Next I will create a Facebook page for the business and try to share it to everybody on the social media. This should be enough to make me busy for some time as there is a lot of work to be done in order to make google my business and Facebook page fully functional. Some of the things which need to be done are for example getting reviews from customers and introducing products and services. I will have to get some photos and video clips of the business and upload them to the sites. Finally I will probably find an e-commerce website which allows local shop lot to sell and promote their products or services online.

The above is just some of the things which we can do for free to help local shop lot promote their business online. It sounds easy but it is actually consuming a lot of time and effort. If the shop lot tends to survive for another half century, it has to learn to bring their businesses online.



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