Social Network Sites and Mobile Devices Works Well together in pursuit of Money Making Opportunities Online

When it comes to making money online or pursuit for money making opportunities online, social network and mobile is couple of things we often heard. Social network is referring to the success of Facebook and it’s launched of IPO. Mobile is about the bloom of smartphone and tablet users which grows rapidly lately. These are the areas which lots of money are being invested and earned. So if you are thinking about making money online, any topic or field which related to social network or mobile might just be the right place to start.

One of the ideas which I thought about lately is to combine social network and mobile devices. Take for example the latest announcement by Google about TrueView video ads on YouTube. We can make money by uploading videos on YouTube and make use of social network such as Facebook to share videos to smartphone and tablet users.

Another popular business idea which most people are currently doing is selling goods and products online via Facebook. Especially products related to fashion such as girls’ clothing, shoes and Lingerie often shown by pictures tagged. Although it’s a small business and solely handle by one person, the amount of revenue earned can be very surprising.

The combination of social network site such as Facebook and smartphone is great to reach lots of customers instantly. Make use of this point effectively and you might just be able to earn your first bucket of gold. If you are seriously thinking about this, then your next step is to figure out what type of product you wish to sell. Either it is in physical form, services or digital form, it must be something which people demand or needed.



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