Social network is about everybody around you

When it comes to pursuit for money making opportunities online, traffic is one of the most important things. If you are able to generate a lot of traffic, you are already half way reaching out for success. So the question which most bloggers or online entrepreneurs ask always is how to generate a lot of traffic. One of the most common answers to this question is by using online social network such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You might think that this is just basically the work of increasing followers without having much to consider, you might be doing things the wrong way. When it comes to social network, it is not just about clicking the follow or like button. It is about getting people interested about you. People will not follow you if they are not interested about you. It is just as simple as that. Thus you have to stir up the curiosity in order to make people follow you. This is not just the work of online but also offline. That means you need to make people around you interested about you. When you do something interesting offline, people might just use their phone and take a picture of you. They might upload the photos online to Facebook or Twitter and share it out. This is too a method to increase social network. Thus do not restrict yourself to only the small monitor screen of social network. You can also get out and increase your social network by communicating and reaching out to others personally.



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