So this is how Google algorithm discussed and changes

Lately Google Inside Search release an interesting blog post title “Video! The search quality meeting, uncut (annotated)” The blog post has a video about discussion of a proposed Google search algorithm change. The discussion was held in Mountain View with videoconference from remote offices around the world. It was a business meeting but the atmosphere was very relaxing. It looks more like a study group or a conversation of an interesting topic. Check out the video below and see how the discussion carried out.

As a Google publisher, the main concern is all about the Google Adsense earning or the amount of traffic gain. As the changes of algorithm can greatly affect the outcome of earnings and traffic, it is very important that we receive updated news about the changes. Since the video above shows how the discussion of algorithm changes proceeds, it actually gives us an idea of the overall direction of algorithm improvement in long term basis. Thus we can build our blog or website without going against the algorithm changes. In fact if we are able to predict or presume the outcome of the algorithm changes, it can be very helpful in getting traffic and increasing earning. But I suppose this is not as easy as we think.

P/S: The first things that comes to my mind when I watch the video is the jury discussion. The facts, statistics, numbers, opinions, reports and long hour discussion before making any decision looks exactly the same like grand jury in court case.



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