Smartphone weather app really is a big deal

Lately Google Inside Search post a blog post title “Prepare for the next storm with a new weather experience on Android” This makes me notice couple of things about smartphone weather apps. There seems to be a lot of weather apps either in android or IOS. And if you check any smartphone around, a weather app is one of the pre install apps. That means you are sure to find a weather app in any smartphone. Almost every smartphone users make use of the weather app for weather condition and forecast. It’s kind like since there is a weather app pre install, let’s just try it out. But if you are able to create or design an interesting unique weather app which people choose to use, you will make money. This goes the same with mobile apps such as clock, calendar, calculator and etc. Simple normal mobile apps which people tend to use but never did get the attention of mobile developers. Also if you have weather app installed, mobile users will have to share their location information in order to obtain local weather condition and forecast. This information is very important for mobile ads to target local smartphone users. I suppose this is one of the reasons why Google decided to develop their weather information feature. It is actually an interesting thought because when we think about money making opportunities online via designing and creating mobile apps, we usually start out with interesting ideas and unique creativity which attracts mobile users instantly. Who ever thought that simple, normal and regular mobile apps design too can make money online? I’m not sure, perhaps others too though about it but never discussed about it.



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