Small Business owners need our help to setup Google My Business

It is not just Google My Business. Small business owners need our help to bring their business online. Just take a walk down the streets around your area and check out those small businesses. Ask them if they are making use of online tools such as Google My Business, Facebook, blog or website to help bring in customers. You will be surprise to find out that most of them are still doing business the old fashion way. These small business owners are using smartphone like iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. Their smartphone is capable of going online and surf the net easily. They also notice that most of their customers are using smartphone too. And they know many people are using the internet to search for products and services.

So why haven’t these small business owners try to make use of internet to grow their business? Well, the main reason is that going online is just not the game they are familiar with and they have no confidence in doing so. Most of these small business owners have been doing their business the old fashion way and it is still working perfectly. There is no reason to shake things up as they are currently still making profits. Even if they are interested in bringing their business online, they have no idea how to do it. Some of them also do not understand that having a Google plus page, Google My business, Facebook page, blog or website can help bring in more customers. They just cannot see the impact or effect as it takes time. But they do know that if they hire a person to give out flyers, it can help bring in more customers.

Small business owners need help to bring their business online. And they need somebody to explain and guide them patiently. This is a money making opportunity if you are able to provide the service. A simple blog, website, Facebook Page, Google Plus page and Google My Business is good enough. The goal is to make their business visible online. And that is the first initial step for start.



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