Six Businesses or Money Making Opportunities Online Recommended

This blog is always looking for money making opportunities online, part time jobs and businesses which individual can try to make extra money or even a living out from it. Extra earnings from a dollar to thousands of dollars can change a person life. While surfing around and searching for money making opportunities online, I stumble upon an article title “Six Business You Can Run From A Tropical Island” from Yahoo Small Business Advisor. The six businesses introduced are not something new but they are few of the businesses online most people gain success working on it. Although I did not try out some of the businesses introduced, but I’ve seen lots of people making good money from it.

Freelance SEO Writing

This is the most common way of making money online. There are lots of demands from bloggers and websites who need articles written for the purpose of SEO. The articles are either posted on their own blog or submitted to the article directories. I used to make few hundred dollars per month just by writing simple short articles. Your English has to be good and you need to be able to produce an article fast in order to compete with others and make money. It is good money but the income stops once you stop writing.

Web Design

Web design can make a lot of money if you are good. A custom made WordPress theme design cost about $500 to $2000. If you are able to build your reputation and maintain a good profile online, customers will be willing to pay a lot more for a good web or blog design. In fact, if you are good in design and programming, you can even try iPhone apps, iPad apps and other smartphone apps design. These are the areas which have huge market demands.

Affiliate Marketing

No doubt affiliate marketing can make a lot of money but it requires a lot of learning and hard work. Plus you can make a lot more money if you are able to create your own affiliate products and sell it. Promoting other people’s affiliate products can still make a lot of money but the profit margin is lower.


This requires a higher level of writing ability but the earning potential is much higher that writing simple articles. Once you are good in writing, almost any writing jobs will come to you. This includes jobs related to sales pages, eBooks, advertisements, catalogues, broachers and many more.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a big topic. You have to learn and cover a lot of topic before you can actually do a good job in ranking high on Google search engine. If you are not so confident in this field yet, charge a lower price. Once you obtain enough experience and learn up most of the tricks about SEO, then only start increasing your fees.

Professional Blogger

I have to agree with the article that this is the most difficult way to make money online. It takes a lot of time to build your blog and receive a lot of traffic. Content and traffic is couple of things that a blog needs to achieve success. But the lifestyle of a blogger is definitely worth all the effort and time.

Among the six businesses, I still prefer being a blogger. That is the lifestyle I like most. If you love the work and lifestyle, you will be able to enjoy your life and continue working for a long period of time without getting bored.  One of the reasons that we pursuit for money making opportunities online is trying to create the lifestyle that we want. If not, what are we doing?



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