Simple Ways to Protect Digital Download or eBooks

When you are trying to pursuit for money making opportunities online by creating and selling ebooks, one of the things you might worried is having others stealing your ebooks. Although it is impossible to actually prevent digital thief, at least you can take some extra steps to make things harder or difficult to steal. Here are some of the security actions that you can take for FREE to protect your eBooks.

Zip your eBook.

Store you eBook as zip file instead of pdf file. Google search engine is able to list and read pdf file easily. The last thing that you need is having people around the world easily locate and download your eBook using Google search engine. When you upload eBook as pdf file, Google converts it into HTML document and treat it as part of your blog or website. This means search engine spiders can crawl all over it and index the pdf file. Thus the only way to prevent your eBook from appearing on search engine result is by converting it into zip file.

Change the name of the files and download links often.

This is one of the simplest and basic ways to prevent others from posting your download links on other sites. It might be troublesome to keep on changing the name of the files or download links, but it is very effective in stopping the download links from passing on continuously. If people are seriously looking forwards to download the eBooks, they might trace the broken download links and end up at your site. You might just be able to gain some unexpected traffic.

Stop search engine from listing and indexing your download page.

You may also take extra step to stop search engine spiders from listing and indexing your download page. Just place HTML code below at the download page.




Setup password protection on your pdf file and zip file.

You can either choose to setup password protection on pdf file or zip file. Either way, readers will have to obtain passwords from you in order to open or unzip the eBooks. This might be troublesome either for you or your readers, but it can show how good and efficient you are in dealing with readers or customers.

P/S: You should be happy if people are interested in stealing your eBook. It basically means the content is valuable and it is worth stealing. Thus you should be able to sell the eBook online successfully. Instead of trying to prevent digital thief, it is best to focus your energy and time on creating eBooks.



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