Simple ways to add more content to your blog post

Once in a while we tend to experience lack of ability to blog or write. Although I have been blogging for a long time, sometimes I too are hit by “short of words syndrome” Those are the time when you see me writing less than 200 words blog post. Sometimes it is because we are running out of ideas or topics to write or blog. And sometimes it is because we are starting to feel bored or not in the mood to write or blog. So how do you add content to your blog when you are having similar episode?

Here are some of the ways you can add content to your blog when you feel lazy. Add visual content to your blog post. You can either find a video clip, a photo or a comic related to the keywords of your blog. Embed the video clips or photo and include your thoughts or opinion. I’m sure you have something to say about it. You can also quote an article, blog post, a book or a movie. Especially if you have just watched a TV drama which related to the topic of your blog, write about it. You won’t be the only person who watch it and have something to say about it. You may even quote a video game if it is related to the topic of your blog.

The key is to find something to talk or blog about. You don’t have to force yourself to come out with something to blog, just pay attention to your daily life. You will always stumble upon some topics which you can blog about. The mistake that most blogger did is they forgot about it because they did not note it down. I used to carry a pen and a small notebook so that I can note down every ideas or topic that comes to my mind any time. Now I use my smartphone to collect my ideas, topics, photos, videos and data. Make full use of your smartphone. Don’t just get a thousand dollar smartphone for gaming and calls. Smartphone is the best tool for blogger if you know how to use it correctly.



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