Simple way of making use of content marketing

Content marketing is commonly used by bloggers to attract readers and grow traffic to their site. The strategy basically focuses on creating quality content consistently and back with statistics, data and visual aid. But in order to really generate traffic, you can’t really tell it all and reveal everything in your blog post. The best is to just tell 90% and leave 10% for readers to think about it. The concept is almost the same as creating a secret so that people are curious to know about it. People tend to attract to secrets and have the tendency to find out the truth. A 10% should be enough for your readers to search your blog to complete the answer. You can ask questions or give some clues on the remaining 10% but try not to annoy readers. If you make it too difficult for readers to find the answers, it can be frustrated. If you blog daily, leave a question at the end of your blog post. Provide answer on your next blog post. This method too can make readers revisit your blog.

You may also try to sell eBooks using this method too. Just simply reveal part of the content so that readers have a basic understanding of your product. It is like telling a story but stop right at the climax. If readers want to know the rest of the story and ending, they will have to pay for it. No doubt this is an old simple trick, but it works.



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