Simple Offline business strategies till working effectively

If you are trying to pursuit for money making opportunities online via starting a business online, don’t forget about old school offline business strategies. Some of those offline business strategies which your father or grandfather used to do might just be the most effective way to bring customers to your online business. There is a reason people are still using some of these offline business strategies. I suppose it is because they work and easy to execute.

One of the simplest and easiest offline business strategies is to distribute business cards. You can simply print the address of your homepage, website or blog on a piece of business card and hand it over to anybody you meet. Be creative when it comes to designing the business card. Make the business card interesting so that people will be curious to check out the address of the site. You may also include a 2D bar code so that people can scan it using their smartphone and bring them directly to the site.

This method is effective especially if you are trying to target local community. Combining with the effect of online social media such as Facebook and Twitter, you might be able to penetrate the local market easily. The work is actually simple but effective. You just have to invest some time, effort and a little bit of creativity.



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