Simple and Effective way to make money blogging

There are lots of money making opportunities online and one of them is blogging. But if you are just starting to learn how to blog, making money online is not your priority for the first few months. The first six month is about learning and studying everything about blog and related stuff. Instead of making money, you will most probably be spending money. As a beginner, consider the money you spend for the first six months as tuition fees.

There are basically two ways you can proceed to make money by blogging. You can first create a blog, build up lots of traffic, then finally include advertisement and try to sell products or services. The second way is to decide the products or services you are trying to sell. Create a blog related to your products or services and try to gather traffic around related topics.

As a beginner, it is better to choose the second method. The success rate is higher because it is a straight forward business strategy. You are basically going to blog about the product or service you are selling. The next question that you will be asking is “How to attract customers or traffic that is interested in my product or service?” Usually the content of your blog should be doing the work of attracting lot of customers or traffic, but sometimes we are just not too interested in discussing about the product or service. Also it takes some time before the content created can make an impact of generating traffic. This is the time that we make use of social network site like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. We can also participate in forums and comments in other blogs. One piece of advice is that don’t blog about the product or service that you are trying to sell directly. Instead try to pick a topic within our daily activity which closely related to the product or service that we are marketing. Take for Example if you are trying to promote webhosting services, don’t blog about the webhosting service quality provided or the company behind it. It will be best to just blog about the advantage of hosting own blog and the things that you can do with a blog or a website. Choose a related topic that is interesting but related to the product or service that you are selling.

If you choose to create a blog and start building traffic first, you will need to find an answer to a much more complicated question later. You will have to figure out the needs or demand of your visitors or traffic in order to sell suitable products, services or even advertisement. And sometimes the topic of your blog might just be too common or general which only attracts readers that are just trying to kill time. This is the reason why we see lots of blogs with lots of traffic but are not making good money.

P/S: At the end we have to go back to the basic in order to make money online. Figure out the demand or needs and just supply them. This is the fundamental or rules for making money.



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