Side Businesses or Money Making Opportunities Tips by Yahoo Small Business Advisor

Seems like part time jobs or side businesses related articles attracts lots of viewers lately. Probably this has to do with the unstable economy and high unemployment rate. Even those who have a job are worried and thinking how long can they hold on to their job. Thus people are looking for ways and alternative methods to make money just in case they lost their job. For some people, they are just trying to make as much money as they can while they are young. No matter what reasons you have, it is always good to prepare a side business or other money making opportunities as a backup plan just in case. Check out the blog post title “Side Businesses You Can Start for Extra Cash” from Yahoo Small Business Advisor as it explains some of the side businesses or money making opportunities you can try.

Here are some of the simple side business ideas presented in the blog post:

  • Social Sales. If I’m not mistaken, this type of side business is also known as MLM or Multi Level Marketing. There are a lot of things to learn before one can actually manage the business successfully. It is one of the most popular side businesses around the world.
  • Freelancing. Basically skills like writing, proof reading, editing, programming, design, illustration, photographer, animal care, translation and many more can be a selling point. I would prefer selling these skills through internet or online.
  • Online stores. You can try out site like eBay, Amazon and LinkShare. Or you may try selling clothes, accessories, books or cosmetic products via Facebook or a personal blog.
  • Consulting. This is where you sell your knowledge and experience. You can even create an ebook and sell it.
  • Teaching. This normally requires a direct guidance or through video conference or voice conference. Usually you provide tuition to those who wants to learn.

Starting a side business or taking up a part time job is not easy. You actually have to put in extra energy and time. Below are some of the advices given from the blog post if you wish to take on the challenge:

  • Map out the details
  • Make time for your side job
  • Guard against burnout
  • Put your heart in it.

If you are seriously looking for money making opportunities online, check out the opportunity page. You might find something interesting which you like to work on. Remember that it takes time to build up side business and it is not easy. Hard work and consistency is a must. Most important of all, do not quit your full time job or change your profession until the side business achieve stable income and makes more money than your full time job.



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