Should You Spend Money on Mobile Advertising?

While we are all discussing about the importance of mobile marketing, creating mobile sites and apps, there is one thing which we need to think about. Do we really need to spend money on mobile advertising to promote our business? I was reading this article title “Most Companies Should Stop Spending Money on Mobile Advertising” from ClickZ, and it makes me think if mobile advertising really necessary for our business. This includes investing money creating mobile site or app.

On average, 10 to 15 percent of all traffic comes from mobile devices and the majority of the experiences a consumer encounters are subpar. As a business, would you ever just ignore 10 to 15 percent of your customers? I’ve never heard anyone answer this question with a serious yes. So why is 79 percent of Fortune 500 companies doing this today?

This is the paragraph from the article mention above which strikes every entrepreneurs and businesses that plans to go mobile. I suppose before investing money on mobile advertising, creating mobile site or designing mobile apps, it will be better to first study the traffic that comes from mobile device. It will be best to research the number of customers who actually using mobile devices to get to our business. You might even study the potential business and revenue after going mobile. Remember that businesses go mobile not because it is a trend or because everybody else is going mobile, it is because it is a potential market. So go mobile only if the numbers and statistics show that you‘ll make money.

One thing for sure, your business has to be ready to go mobile when your customers shift to mobile usage. The timing must be right. Bringing your business into mobile too soon before your customers are ready is a waste of money and resources. But if customers are already gone mobile and your business is still not ready, you will lose customers.



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