Should you build a mobile app or mobile website?

Personally I prefer to build a mobile website. It is much easier for me since I have experience in hosting my own blog. One of the considerations of having mobile app is that I need to convince mobile users to install it on their mobile phone. In order to do this, I need to create at least one useful point for my mobile app. That means my mobile app needs to be able to help users save time, energy, effort or money. This is much more difficult to achieve compare with a mobile website. A mobile website is considered successful if it is able to generate a lot of traffic. In order to generate lots of traffic, one of the simplest methods is to create good quality content. This is not a problem as I’m already doing it with my blog. I just need to do some minor changes if I decided to create a mobile website. Check out MDG Advertising infographic below if you are unable to make up your mind either to build a mobile app or mobile website. I did post a similar title but with a different infographic. You may check out my previous blog post for it.




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