Share or repost old content but with update information

If you have been blogging for few years, you will come to a point that you need to recycle old blog posts or previous content. This is a normal procedure because things change over time and updated information is required. Instead of rewriting new content or blog post, you can try making use of the old blog post or content that you have been published before. Just relink the previous blog post and include some updated information. You may also make a simple comparison before and after. This way you can add values to your previous blog post and recycle it for new updated content.

Remember that there are no rules to blog or produce content. As long as you are able to attract audiences and generate traffic, it is consider as good content. Make sure that you provide detail guidance for your audiences so that they don’t lost in translation. In fact you might even provide an interesting time traveling back to the time when you produce the blog post initially.

P/S: A boring story can turn interesting and it is all depends on how the story is presented.



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