SFI Strong Future International Drops Eye Earn Money Making Opportunities

There have been some changes on SFI Strong Future International this year 2011. One of the biggest changes is the drop of Eye Earn program and introduction of WAVE3. Actually to be more precise, WAVE3 is replacing Eye Earn program. This is a big change as it affects many Eye Earners around the world.

As an Eye Earner, you get SFI affiliate and pool of commission every month. You also keep your affiliate status by becoming an active Eye Earner every month. This can be done by just completing a simple survey form at the end of the month. As WAVE3 has replaced Eye Earn program, all the above benefits will no longer available. Instead of checking out what’s the benefits we can get from WAVE3, let’s discuss the adjustment that we need to do after Eye Earn gone.

First of all there will be no monthly commission. This is still acceptable as my goal is to work on my affiliate downline. I suppose the biggest problem which most SFI affiliates will be facing is how to maintain their affiliate status so that they can continue to work on the money making opportunities within. It is very clear the new program WAVE3 does not have this benefit. SFI affiliates will need to find another way to keep their affiliate status.

One way to maintain affiliate status is to earn 500VP within 90 days. This is achievable if you login your account every day. Each day you are entitle to earn 6 points by checking the pages instructed. If you do that for 90 days, you’ll earn 540 VP. In other words, you have 40 VP points to spare. This also means you can only miss 6 days without logging into your account in 90 days. Unless you’re able to sponsor few affiliates to make up some VP points, you have to work hard to login your account every day. Another method you can try is to request your upline to extend your affiliate status.

I hope SFI Strong Future International can let us maintain out affiliate status so that we can continue to pursuit the money making opportunities within. Especially for affiliates who are not staying in US, it’s much more difficult to promote the business. Every single affiliate is potential earner. Sometimes we just need some time and little bit of luck to turn things around.



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2 Responses to “SFI Strong Future International Drops Eye Earn Money Making Opportunities”

  1. Janet says:

    I remember SFI for so long, probably more than 10 years when I saw them for first time and join, however never done any good for me.

  2. Terrans says:

    I never heard about SFI. I probably will check them out. Thanks, Terrans