Seven Ways to Make Money This Month From Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance always has articles with topics about ways to make money. “7 Ways to Earn an Extra $1,000 This month” is the title of the latest blog post. As usual this blog post discussed about 7 ways which we can make extra money. I suppose the extra money earned is not just for this month but for coming months too. Other than the seven ways of money making opportunities, there is couple of things mention in the blog post which is very interesting and well said. Below is the paragraph:

First, you need to be willing to work more if you want to earn more. Everyone wants to magically earn more money by working less, but it doesn’t work that way. Second, you need to be willing to try new things. You don’t necessarily need to be creative. You just need to be willing to try to earn money in a different way than you currently are doing.

I suppose if you have the above mindset and attitude, the success rate is high with any money making opportunities online that you wish to work on. And if you are just trying to make extra $1000 per month, hitting this earning target should be just a piece of cake. Below are the seven ways to make money introduced by the blog post:

  1. Tutor someone
  2. Flip items on Craigslist
  3. Write for money
  4. Create a Kickstarter project
  5. Create your own travel business
  6. Rent out your room in Airbnb
  7. Sell your skills as freelancer

I personally feel that writing for money and selling your skills as freelancer works best for me. Both of these methods are able to work online from the comfort of my home. In other words, it is more towards home base business.



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