SEO Sites Might have a Problem with Google

Once in a while I tend to stumble upon sites which rank pretty well within Google search engine but do not have any good quality content written. The sites have some articles written with particular keywords repeat again and again. The content is very general and no personal opinion included. There is also no author information, no contact details, no dates and no comment. These sites can be clearly declared as a result of SEO done nicely.

It can be a bit frustrating if you spent lots of time writing good quality content but are out rank by these SEO sites. But very soon things might change as Google seems to going after sites that are over SEO. Check out the blog post title “Not so fast SEO, Google wants to punish “overly optimized” site” from Venture Beat.

So how do we define SEO overly optimized? How much SEO is too much? I’m sure almost all of us who try to make money online applied certain level of SEO on our blogs or websites. Now that Google has announced that they are going after sites which overly optimized with SEO, we need to find out where the line is drawn. While trying to figure out how much SEO is too much, we can take some necessary steps to maintain our ranking and status.

The first thing that we can do is start to create and put in lots of good quality content. I mean really good original quality content. I’m sure if you put few extra hours researching for the content before writing articles, you will be able to squeeze out fairly good quality content. Internet and book stores are your info resources. Make use of them wisely and carefully. In order to produce good quality content, constant reading and information input is necessary.

If your blog or website currently ranks well in Google search engine, it is time to reduce the SEO work and focus on increasing the quality of your site. In long term basis, only sites with good quality content will survive.



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