Selling Shovels in a Gold Rush seems to be a popular way to get rich

Lately I’ve seen many people trying to make a fortune by selling shovels in a gold rush. One of the most popular product or so call shovel is the method to make a lot of money or become rich. My first encounter with such a product is thousands of dollars courses lecture by popular or famous motivation coach. The courses are design to boost your motivation and self-confidence so that you can take up any challenge in life. The courses usually take up to few days and require participants to relocate in a camp or hotel. My second encounter is direct sale products with many trying to sell the concept of getting rich instead of the products. The products are just the medium to make the whole system sounds logic and legal. My third encounter is online eBooks that promote and sell methods to make money online or method to generate income online. But if you do a detail research online, you’ll find that most of the information presented in the eBooks is free.

If you study 3 of those encounters above carefully, you’ll find that they don’t actually promote and sell products or services. In fact you are presented with a dream most of the time. It is a dream of being able to make a lot of money and become rich. And when you started to feel excited and lucky about finding the way to make a lot of money, you won’t mind spend some money, time and effort trying it out. Although some people actually did successfully make a lot of money, only a small percentage is able to achieve their dreams. This sound just like the gold rush story with only a small amount of people manages to dig up the gold. Thus the best way to become rich is to be the person who sells shovels.



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