Sell your blog content or giving it out for free?

When we decided to start a blog with a specific topic, the first thing that comes in mind is whether we need to charge readers certain amount of fee for the content we produced. This is very important especially if you are trying to pursuit for money making opportunities online.

If you are planning to produce content for free, we call this content marketing. It is basically a strategy to gather audiences or traffic by producing interesting content for free. You might be able to gather significant traffic using content marketing, but the question is can you still able to make money? In other words, are you able to convert the traffic generated into revenue? Remember that the audience or traffic gathered are mostly searching for content which is free. This means the fact that they end up on your site is because they are searching for free content and have no intention to pay. It will be difficult if you are trying to sell anything to this group of people.

If you are planning to sell content produced via eBooks or collecting member fees, you might be facing different problems. You might be able to create a good product with interesting content, but the question is can you introduce it to the right audiences or readers who have the intention of purchasing it. In other words, you have to find a way to market your product.

Both are different approach of pursuing money making opportunities online. Many people around the world have been successfully making money using these methods. It is just the question of which method suits you best or you are much more comfortable doing it. If your final goal is to make money online, I suppose any method is good as long as it works.



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