Secure a Job or Secure as an Entrepreneur

When I was still in school, my parents always told me to study hard, get good grades and secure a job. As I graduated and started to work, a degree with good grades definitely can get you a good job with high pay but it does not secure a job. In fact there is no such thing as a secure job. When you’re needed by a company, you’ll get hired. When you have no value or unaffordable by company, you’ll lose the job. I’m sure those of you that experience the economic downturn lately understands this very well.

The big question is which is more secure, getting a job or running own business as an entrepreneur? Honest I’m so sure myself either as both has risk and advantages. Some of my friends who graduated couple of years ago facing a hard time looking for job. It’s considering bad luck because that’s the time when companies freeze employment due to economic downturn.  Some of these graduates have no choice but to create their own job by becoming their own boss or so call entrepreneur. Some even go for contract work or part time job just to make some money to survive. If you’re one of them who are interested in starting your own business and becoming an entrepreneur, check out this article from Yahoo Finance title “No Jobs? Young Graduates Make Their Own”. The article shares stories and experiences of some young entrepreneurs which gives motivation and guides.

Below are some of the quotes or sentences which I find meaningful, motivating and helpful:

“The jobs are going to come from the entrepreneurial level.”

“Council members assert that young people can start businesses even if they have little or no money or experience. But whether those start-ups last is another matter. Roughly half of all new businesses fail within the first five years, according to federal data. And the entrepreneurial life is notoriously filled with risks, stresses and sacrifices.”

“THE lesson may be that entrepreneurship can be a viable career path, not a renegade choice — especially since the promise of “Go to college, get good grades and then get a job,” isn’t working the way it once did. The new reality has forced a whole generation to redefine what a stable job is.”

“Being a young entrepreneur means coming up with creative ways to fill your knowledge gaps.”

“Lack of experience can actually be an asset to young business owners.”

“Success didn’t happen overnight.”

“When deciding whether to start a business, you have to really want to do it.”

P/S: Either we are looking for a job or building our own business, we are actually pursuing for money making opportunities. The choice we make are mostly depends on how stable the income and how much the income.



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  1. George says:

    I have never been push very hard about graduation by my parents, because I start doing affiliate marketing when I was at the age of 15. I think this is secure job.