Search Engine feeds on content but it is actually people who are reading it

Regardless of how good you manage to work on search engine optimization, remember that people are the one who are reading your content. Your content might be built to favor search engine, but it won’t be matter if people don’t like what you are writing. Your blog or site might be getting top rank in search engine, but it won’t stay there for long. Eventually Google will fine tune or update their search engine which might drop your site or blog from top search ranking. If you are serious about building a site or blog which attracts people, you need to forget about search engine and focus on getting the attention of people. Remember that the main purpose of search engine is to help people find the right suitable best site. So if your site or blog is answering readers properly and providing the content they are looking for, it just a matter of time your site or blog getting high ranking in search engine. The search engine is built to bring out the best site or blog from the world. In a long term practice it is better to focus on improving the quality of your blog or site by producing good quality content. SEO or search engine optimization usually is a short term effect because the algorithm of search engine changes always. You have to put in a lot of effort and time constantly in order to maintain your search ranking. So it is better to spend your effort and time on creating your site or blog.



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