Saving Money for Money Making opportunities

When you’re at the early stage of running your own work at home business, low and unstable income is always the first thing that bugs you. Even though you might already prepare some savings to last for few years before you create a stable income, but still it doesn’t stop you from worrying. That is why I’m always encouraged people to keep the full time job while working on the home base business. Quit the daily job once the business bloom and achieve stable income. If you already quit the full time job and currently working hard to create a stable income from home base business, perhaps you should learn some tricks to reduce your expenditure and save some money.

Check out Yahoo Finance on article title “Frugal Ways to Save at Least $100 a Month” and you’ll learn few methods to save money at home. Let’s go through the suggestion listed in the article.

Rethink Your Phone Service.
When you’re changing your career from a full time job to work at home own business, you basically don’t need a cell phone. That’s because most of the time you’ll be at home. I suppose cutting down the cell phone service is a must as you don’t really need it. People can get to you easily just by calling you home phone. Besides it will be better to switch to a wireless internet service which allows you to get connected 24 hours a day anywhere. In this case you can use the FREE Skype service.
Cut Down on Electricity
This is a bit difficult because you need to power your laptop and modem to work on your online home business. You just have to reduce other electrical appliances other than computers and work related equipment. Normally those electrical appliances related with heat consume the most power, for example water heater and room heater. These are the electrical appliances that actually increase the electric bill.
Conserve Water
This usually related to washing machine and toilet. The lesser we use these equipment the lesser water is used. We can apply this practice on washing machine by accumulate dirty dresses until full loaded. As for the toilet, it will be best to modify the flushing system to control the amount of water use. This way we can use less water when we are just performing liquid disposal.
Bundle or Drop Cable and Internet
I would suggest dropping the cable but keeping the internet. Spending too much time in front of the TV is a waste of time and not productive. Besides you can get almost any show for free on the internet. Unless you’re desperately wanted to watch the show, it will be best to just focus on your online business.

If you actually practice the money saving method above, you’ll be surprise how much money you can save at the end of month. In fact all the above is good energy saving practice. You’ll not just saving money, but you’re actually helping to make a better world. It’s just like the global event Earth Hour. The money you save can be used to invest in your online business or money making opportunities. That is if you don’t need the money to survive, mind as well use it to grow your online business. You can spend it on advertisement, hire a virtual assistance, hosting a new website, purchase business tools or anything else which can help to increase the money return or speed up your success.



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  1. Dave says:

    This is a great idea, I usually do it differently. I try to maximize my profit and make more money that trying to save money.