Rest even if you love your job

Regardless of how much you love your job or work, it is necessary to take a rest once in a while. Especially if you have been working for a long period of time, you need to stop and do something different. Taking a rest or break from what you are doing currently is important because it prevents you from burning out. This is one of the reasons why we should balance our life. A life without rest or fun but only work will eventually lead to a burn out situation. If you really love your job or work, you need to take necessary action to prevent burn out situation from happening. You might hate your work or job if you keep on experiencing burn out situation. Especially if you are trying to pursuit for money making opportunities online via blogging, you need to take extra precaution because bloggers are often at a high risk of burning out without realizing it. A lot of bloggers are experiencing burn out situation because they spend too much time writing and blogging. If you are hoping to become a full time blogger, you need to balance your life style with other activities such as exercising, traveling and socializing. You need to keep yourself busy with other activities other than writing and blogging. This is the same as having the same meal over and over again continuously. You will start to hate it at the end regardless of how much you love it. So make sure that you don’t make yourself hate the job or work which you love so much.



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