Reasons to Start a Business in 2011 from Yahoo Finance

It’s still beginning of year 2011. I think most people are still in holiday mood and just started to get back on work, including me. We also plan and wish for lots of things for this year 2011. According to an article title “Reasons to Start a Business This Year” from Yahoo Finance, one of the plans that we should include is to start our own business. That does not mean that we can just quit our job and start a business, but still it’s an idea that we should think about it. Plus, it is not necessary to quit our job before we can start our own business. We can actually do both at the same time. A small simple scale of online business can be easily built without having to affect your regular day job. Let’s take a look at the reasons given in the article.

You’ll never get laid off again

That is true. It’s just that the things that we worried as an employee changes once we become an employer. Instead of worry about getting laid off, we will be worrying about sustaining the business and try to keep the business alive. But one thing for sure, we decide when to stop working if we are running our own business. That means we can keep ourselves busy for the rest of our life. As an employee, you are normally able to keep your job until the age of 60 or less.

You can stop asking your boss for a raise and give yourself one.

There is a limit of the money you’re able to earn as an employee. However, there is no limit of how much you can earn if you own a business. No doubt it is better to own a business if you see it as a long term money making opportunities. You might not earn a lot of money at the beginning but you’ll definitely make more money than a job can give. So the question that you need to ask yourself is “How much money you want to make in your life?”

You can write off that new laptop, Blackberry, iPad or printer

Although the article is referring to the tax laws in US, I think you’ll find similar benefits in your country too.

You can unplug and work anywhere there’s WIFI reception.

That includes working at any beaches where there’s WIFI reception. As all you need is a laptop with internet connection, you basically can run your business anywhere. You won’t be locking yourself in office or cubicles but able to enjoy your holiday while monitoring your business. Technology nowadays allows flexibility of doing business which creates lot of money making opportunities.

There’s never been a cheaper time to start a business.

It takes less than hundred dollars to start an online business. In fact there are some online businesses which do not require a single dime to start off. All it requires is time and effort. The cost is so low that you don’t have to think twice about success rate but just do it because it’s affordable.

So what do you get to lose starting out an online business? You just have to spare some of your time, learn a few online business strategy, put on some hard work and invest couple hundred of dollars. That’s all you’ll risk for a chance to own an online business which might bring in more money than your regular job. In fact it might turn out to be your retirement plan if things work out nicely.



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  1. Jenny says:

    I believe that now is the right time, it seems that world economy is going a bit better than last year and market is improving.