Reaching for Mobile Money Making Opportunities Online

Smartphones users and mobile market is going to be the next big thing online. Instead of creating and building niche for laptop and desktop users, publishers are starting to focus on smartphone and tablet users. As a publisher who tries to pursuit for money making opportunities online, we shouldn’t miss out this huge potential earning. Check out the blog post title “Mobile Insights: Retailers, are you reaching one of your biggest opportunities – mobile users?” from Google Mobile Ads Blog as Alex Barza and Kacy Brod share their thoughts on the state of mobile marketing in retail gleaned form Think Retail 2011.

This blog has posted a lot of information regarding mobile marketing and money making opportunities within. If you browse through the blog post shared above, you’ll find some similarities or same pattern of behavior within the market of smartphone and tablet users. This information can be very helpful if you decided to go into the field of mobile market. Below are some of the important information gather from the blog post shared above.

  • Certain products or services engage well through mobile. Topics like restaurant, hotels and latest fashion are among the top surfing niche on mobile. Understanding smartphone and tablet user’s behavior and characteristics can be very helpful when deciding which niche to work on. We most certainly have to include swiping, enlarging, rotating and tapping images as the action which users love to do.
  • Mobile users pay more attention to business around them. Part of the reasons users go mobile because they wanted to check products and services available around them.
  • When consumers found products or services they are looking for, the next thing they will be looking for is discounts of offers. In other words, customers are trying to find the best deal offered.
  • One of the reasons consumers engage with mobile on multiple platforms because it makes it easier to shop and buy the things they want. Consumers save a lot of time and energy as they don’t have to check out the stores one by one before deciding where to shop. With the help of the mobile devices, consumers can source the products or services directly with the best deal and nearest location.
  • Shopping can be very tiring and time consuming. People are starting to make use of mobile devices to save time and energy in shopping. Consumers just wanted to shop fast, easy, simple and within the lowest price possible. Especially during special events like mother’s day, father’s day, thanks giving day, Christmas day, birthday or any other day which required gifts and presents, some people just don’t have the extra time to go shopping. This is when mobile devices come in handy.
  • Online opportunities within the mobile market are huge. But still that doesn’t mean making money though mobile site is easy. You still have to be creative, innovative, adapt to changes and willing to take risk trying new things. You can be sure changes within mobile platform will be a lot faster than any other platform. You’ll have a higher chance of making money online if you are able to keep up with the fast paced mobile platform.



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