Pursuit for money making opportunities that you love to do

Doing what you love to do is very much better than doing the work just for the sake of money. I suppose this is what most people trying to achieve, but in reality things are not always going as what we plan or like. At some point we have to work for the sake of money, and trying to find some love in the things that we are doing currently.

We can’t always do what we love as an employee or working for some other people. We may opt or choose the job that we love at the beginning but once we started working for few years, most of us will to move up by transferring to management group. This is obvious especially if you are working in a big cooperate company.

The only way to continue doing what you love is start your own business and become your own boss. You may still able to keep the part of work that you love to do but at some point you have to bear with lots of work that you need to do regardless if you like it or not. One of the good things of becoming your own boss is that you don’t have to do all the work that you don’t like yourself. You can hire people or delegate the work to other people. The least you need to do is delegate and manage.

One of the benefits of being an entrepreneur or your own boss is that you are able to choose and decide the way you work and how you work. The freedom to decide and doing what you love can never be found by working for others. When this becomes part of your daily activities which makes life interesting, there is no reason to retire from work. Retirement will not be set by age but your will to continue working. I suppose this is one of the best part for being an entrepreneur or own boss.



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