Pursuit for money making opportunities online by selling Christmas trees?

When it comes to making money during Christmas season, one of the ideas we often heard is by selling Christmas trees. It is an old common idea which probably almost anybody can think of. It is also true that it is a good idea because almost every family who celebrates Christmas will want or need a Christmas tree. So does that mean you’ll definitely make money selling Christmas tree? If you are doing it for the first time, you probably going to fail miserably. There are just too many people selling Christmas tree already. Competition is very fierce.

If you are trying to make money online for this Christmas, don’t try to sell big regular Christmas tree like everybody else. Be creative and make something unique which is similar to a Christmas tree. You can try:

  • Make use of recycle material such as empty bottle, old magazines and plastic bags to create Christmas tree.
  • Create a digital Christmas tree for example mobile Christmas tree, Christmas tree app, Christmas tree for Facebook or Twitter, Christmas tree screensaver and etc.
  • Create mini size of Christmas trees just like the Japanese bonsai.

These are just few of my thoughts which you can make use if you like it. There are also many other interesting ideas and creative products. Just do a research online before you decide which idea to go for. If you can’t make it for this Christmas, don’t worry. Prepare now so that you will be ready for next Christmas.



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