Pursuing Money Making Opportunities Online Just Like The Welfare Mom Who Creates Her Million Dollar Biz

Can I make money online? Can I earn a living by blogging? Can I really create my own online business? These are the questions which most of us think of before trying or start to take action. Sometimes even while we are pursuing for money making opportunities online, these questions often pop up unexpectedly in our mind. If you think you are not good enough and don’t have the time, knowledge and skills to achieve your goals, think again as you read this blog post. Check out the blog post title “Welfare mom creates million dollar biz: how she did it” from Yahoo Shine and you’ll discover all the excuses are irrelevant.

Do you think you are in a better position in achieving your goal or dream compare to Trisha Waldron? If she can do it, why can’t you? Once in a while a success story can inspire us and push us back on our track of pursuing money making opportunities online or our dream. You can read about Trisha Waldron success story in the blog post above. As for this post, I just like to point out some of the interesting saying.

“You can create your own life.”

Yes, we all can. But it is never easy.

“I knew I had to take responsibility for my own life. I had been running it according to others and things hadn’t worked out very well.”

It is up to us to change our life in order to reach out the life style we like.

“As an entrepreneur you are always going to be confronted by things you don’t know, but you can’t let it stop you.”

There will always be problems and things that we don’t know. We just have to learn up and solve the problems.

“Eventually, I learned that you draw power as a woman in business by being compassionate and inclusive. This way, you can make long and loyal relationships.”

We need to learn being compassionate and inclusive.

“Getting there was incredibly challenging, I learned by trial and error, I cried a lot.”

It is a challenging journey and nothing is easy. We just have to keep on trying until we get it right. Plus it is ok to cry.


Trisha’s advice for people who want to start their own businesses:

  • Your responsibility is to be clear about your vision. Then you can ask others to help.
  • There is a lot of assistance out there for entrepreneurs if you look for it: I learned bookkeeping from a volunteer group of retired accountants.
  • Surround yourself with people who support you. A lot of people said I was crazy to start my own business as a single mom. But I had a few people who believed in me.
  • Be okay with the knowledge that you won’t know how to do everything right away and trust that you can learn.
  • Create a “mastermind group” – 2 or 3 people who are willing to have you bounce ideas off them every few weeks. I kept my group going for 10 years.
  • Realize it will be hard, and accept that.

P/S: Sometimes I wonder the comfort zone we are in is the biggest obstacle we need to get over. When we hit bottom ground, the only way we can go is up. Do we really need to cut off all our options in order to focus on pursuing money making opportunities online?



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