Pursuing Mobile Money Making Opportunities Online as a Mobile Site Publisher

It is not easy trying to create great mobile site which able to attract lots of mobile viewers. Although lots of tips, guides and examples are provided, it still cannot guarantee that your mobile site will always remain on top of the list. The reasons are due to the constant changes and evolve of mobile device technology and habits of mobile users. Thus it is very important that we keep on updating ourselves with the latest development of mobile technology and analysis study releases related to mobile users. In order to make money online successfully, we have to be very familiar with the platform that we are using and the customers or viewers that we are targeting.

In my previous blog posts, I discuss about what it takes to create a great mobile site that sells products or services. So if you are pursuing for mobile money making opportunities online by selling products or services, the method and guide provided should be applicable. But if you are trying to make money as a publisher by selling and implementing ads on your mobile site, it might be a bit difficult and trickier than you think. First of all, you need to know what works and what doesn’t work for mobile ads. Check out the blog post title “Mobile Ads: Here’s What Works and What Doesn’t” from The Wall Street Journal Technology. Below are some of the important key sentences you should take note from the blog post.

About half of all U.S. mobile ad spending goes toward search ads, more than the roughly 47% of total digital spending going into Web search, according to eMarketer. Google takes a 95% share of all mobile-search revenue in the U.S., estimates eMarketer.

As smartphone screens get larger, companies have found some success with ads such as “takeovers” that briefly fill all or most of a device’s screen.

One approach mobile marketers are trying—with mixed results—is inserting ads in new places to overcome “ad blindness” by consumers used to tuning out marketing pitches in the usual spots, such on the edges on websites.

Banner ads—the boxes or rectangular ads on many mobile websites or apps—are known as the “spray and pray” approach. Marketers, consumers and companies all said these ads are cheap, crude and annoy mobile users. Still, banner ads account for nearly $2 of every $10 spent on U.S. mobile ads, according to eMarketer.

As the mobile ads market has not fully develop yet, everybody is still experimenting and testing to see which method delivers the best result. Thus publishers have more chances to strike a gold mind or jackpot. No doubt lots of money making opportunities are there due to the uncertainties and continue develop of mobile ads market.



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