Providing too many choices for customers might not be good

When it comes to choosing the restaurant for dinner, I usually decided what to have for dinner before choosing the right restaurant to go. The restaurant that I choose to go mostly have a handful of menu which either you are having dinner A or B. That means if I decided to change my mind of what to eat after sitting down in the restaurant, I won’t have many options to go for. These restaurants basically are selling 1 or 2 type of meals only and are very good in preparing them. Instead of having different type of meals, some restaurant decided to focus in preparing only one or two best meal in town. This business strategy works well in almost any country in the world. And if you ever watch any reality cooking program on TV which a chef trying to help bring up a failing restaurant, they usually suggested to reduce the menu into 2 or 3 type of meals. This strategy basically cut down the amount of work for the restaurant in order to focus and prepare the food better.

This goes the same as pursuing for money making opportunities online. It is not recommended to work on multiple money making opportunities online at once as this will take too much time, effort and money. We won’t be expecting any good results because we are not focus on giving out our best effort. Take for example if you are providing multiple online services for your customers, you might be distracted because of multitasking. You might not be giving the best service for your customers. And if you can’t produce the best online service, competitors might win over your customers. The best practice which most entrepreneurs do is focus on one single way to make money online. Especially if you will be doing most of the work by yourself, it is best to focus all your time, energy and effort on one task. Once you have successfully make money online using that method, then only consider moving on to create a second method to make money online. Focus on one method at a time but try not to affect previous method which already generating income.



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