Problems make you better

Regardless of what you are trying to do, you will always have problems. Especially if you are trying to become success in whatever field or area which you are targeting, dealing and solving problems is the only way to achieve. It might be difficult but it is the best way to go. Success may come easy with smooth sailing without bumping on any problems. But it may never last long because you lack the experience of dealing and facing problems. A small problem can easily knock you down from success as there is no immunity.

You become better each time when you have a problem. Knowledge and experience will be accumulated each time a problem is solved. Success which is built from accumulating problems and solutions will be difficult knock down. Would you prefer to be success in a short period of time? Or would you like to maintain your success for a long period of time. Of cause you might also be able to have multiple successes with multiple failures. But if you stop trying, you will never have a chance to be success. Remember that if you don’t solve the problems, you can’t advance. It is actually the same as playing video games. You will only be allowed to advance to the next level when you defeated the boss of the level.



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