Preparing Mobile and Tablets Devices Money Making Opportunities Online for The Holidays

It’s the beginning of September and less than three months before the yearend holiday. Christmas and New Year holiday is the only time that customers buy and spend the most in a year. You should start preparing for the big sale if you are seriously hoping to make money on the coming holiday season. Especially if you are targeting for mobile and tablet device users, you should start working on it now. According to the data and statistic presented in the blog post “Holiday Retail Mobile Insights”, we should not miss out the opportunities to make money form mobile and tablet device market. Below is some of the information listed in the blog which suggested a lot of consumers are using mobile and tablet devices to make purchase online for the holidays.

  • 15% of total “Black Friday” searches will be from mobile devices.
  • 44% of total searches for last minute gifts and store locator terms will be from mobile devices.
  • 65% of high end device users report that they have used their device to find a business, and then made a purchase at that business in person.
  • Tablet users spend 50% more than PC users, have higher AOV, and have higher or equivalent conversion rates.
  • Greater than 33% of both smartphone users and tablet users plan to start their shopping before Thanksgiving.

Judging from the data and analysis above, Google Mobile Ads will be the main focus for this coming holiday. It is for sure that you will make money via mobile and tablet devices market. The question is how much money you are able to earn. Although it is said that mobile and tablet devices market is still at the beginning stage, but you will feel the impact once you give it a. Give it a test for this coming holiday and see if you are able to grab the money making opportunities online. You might get some unexpected results which you never imagine of.



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