Prepare Year End Holiday Business with Google Places

I’m sure many entrepreneurs and business owners already started to prepare year end sales for Christmas and New Year. I suppose it’s time to get ready for this once in a year money making opportunities. Other than the usual preparation, we can make use of Google Places to reach out for more customers. Google Places enables entrepreneurs and business owners to make full use of their addresses and location to market businesses at Google Maps.

First you have to claim you business address at Google Place Pages for Google Maps. This enables entrepreneurs and business owners introduce or releasing their business information at Google Maps. The Place Pages enable customers to find your business easily while they are using Google Maps. Particularly for businesses like florist, restaurant, hotels, laundry business, souvenirs shop and other businesses which people like to check up online will benefits the most. Check out “One Place, One Page” at Google Lat Long Blog for more information about claiming your Place Page.

Secondly you may check out tips given at “Google Places and Tags Holiday Guide” from Google Small Business Blog. Once you claim and setup your Place Page for Google Maps, below are some of the actions that you can take to prepare for the year end sales.

  • Create a coupon highlighting holiday specials
  • Link to a menu of holiday offers and prices
  • Make your business listing stand out with Google Tags
  • Update your holiday business hours
  • Write a post to engage with you customers

Although it seems like this is more suitable for offline businesses with addresses, but still you can make full use of the ideas. I suppose all you need is just an address to start the preparation. I just wonder if we can do it with the address we obtain from virtual office.



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2 Responses to “Prepare Year End Holiday Business with Google Places”

  1. George says:

    My businesses are getting good number of exposures and about a 100 clicks a month which actually convert nearly 50%. It is very good way to appear in blended Google top 10 and even get listing before position number one. It is a good SEO strategy.

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