Playing video games live streaming online is just one of the many money making opportunities

There are a lot of people trying to make money online by playing video games live streaming online. Just check out Twitch and you will find a lot of live streamers playing variety of video games. If you are hoping to make money online via live streaming but have no interest in playing video games, perhaps you can opt for different hobby or activities. Remember that you can basically do anything on live streaming video as long as you do not violate the terms and condition.

I would suggest that you pick something which you are interested to do and are good at it. This way you won’t feel bored and have fun doing the things you love. It will take some time to gather audience. So be patient and make sure that you maintain a fix schedule for live streaming. If you are not sure how to setup your live streaming video channel, check out Twitch and browse Creative. There are a lot of examples which you can check out. You might find some channels which are already live streaming the topic or idea which you have in mind. Don’t worry about it and just go ahead with the same topic or idea. Although these channels are competitors, they are also helping to bring in viewers which might drop by your channel eventually. In fact you can also ask for help to setup your live streaming channel. A lot of these streamers are actually very helpful.



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